Dynamic load capacity depending on speed and operating temperature

The dynamic load capacity depends on the operating conditions. The chart below gives an estimation of the influences the operating temperature and the speed have on the dynamic load capacity.

An application uses a bearing type 6204 with POM races. From the product chart no. 1 shown on page 8 you take a dynamic load capacity of 420 N and a maximal operating speed of 1050 min-¹. The operating temperature is 80° C at an operating speed of 630 min-¹.

The chart states a reduction factor for the operating temperature of approx. 0.90. The reduction factor for the speed of 630 min-¹
(60 % of the max. speed) shows a factor of approx. 0.80.

In our application example the load should not exceed 420 N x 0,90 x 0,80 ≈ 300 N