Assembly instructions (radial ball bearings)

To ensure a proper assembly we recommend a press fit on the ID and a loose fit on the OD (or vice versa).

A simultaneous press fit on the ID and OD will result in a preliminary wear of the bearing.

For any questions on this matter, please contact SMG.

d (mm)
Radial bearing clearance
more than
up to
 - 9
60 140
 9  17 70 150
 17  20 80 160
 25 80 170
 30  35 90 180
 35  45 100
 45  60 110 210
The listed tolerances are valid for ball bearings with races made of POM. Other materials may require different tolerances. These data are standard values for our radial bearings. The bearing clearance can be changed according to customer’s order.

The main dimensions of the radial plastic ball bearings are similar with the specification of DIN 625, except for the distance between the edges. The main dimensions of the plastic thrust bearings, with the exception of the distances between the edges, are similar to the specification of DIN 711.