Advantages of ball transfer units made of plastics in comparison to steel units

• resistant to acid and lye
• no lubrication, maintenance-free
• low friction
• low weight (up to 70 % less)
• appropriate for vacuum or pressure
• non-conductive
• saltwater-proof
• free of metallic components*
• flexibility in design for best possible product integration
• heat resistant up to 250° C (applies to “high performance plastic”)
• transport of fragile goods such as glass*
• appropriate for use in explosive atmosphere (acc. to ATEX-guidelines)
• appropriate for use in aseptic areas (e. g. medical technology)
• customized design possible

* depending on selection of materials

Please note:

In comparison to steel units, ball transfer units out of plastics are non-conductive and offer a lower load capacity, lower thermal stability (for standard material POM approx. 90° C) and a higher thermal expansion coefficient.