Axial bearing

Plastic axial bearings consist of a shaft and housing washer, as well as corresponding rolling elements. They're self-retaining. The locking of the axial bearing serves as a transport and assembly aid. An axial bearing is not suitable for absorbing radial forces.

Their main task is the transmission of axial forces. The transmission can be realized by the contact angle of 90°. The weight/load is evenly distributed over all rolling elements. Axial ball bearings are ideally suited for low speeds/centrifugal forces. If requested by the customer, axial bearings can be designed in an oscillating version to compensate for inclined shaft positions of up to 4°.

Axial ball bearings are often used in combination with radial bearings and are also used in a wide variety of applications. SMG has developed an axial radial bearing (ARL) for this.

The standard axial bearings by SMG are designed on the basis of DIN 711, with the exception of edge distance. The axial bearings in our standard portfolio are equipped with an alternating arrangement of balls, i. e. POM and stainless steel balls. This results in lower wear and therefore leads to a longer service life.

Standard axial bearings by SMG have the material combinations rings out of POM, balls out of AISI 316 and alternating balls made of POM.


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