Ball transfer unit

The central task of the ball transfer unit is the transport function.
The transport of sensitive surfaces is easy to realise with cylindrical ball rollers made of plastics.

Ball transfer units can be used in many different ways, whether as roller conveyors integrated in surfaces (ball at top) or as transport rollers integrated in a container (ball at bottom).

Standard POM ball transfer units can be used at temperatures up to 90 °C. At temperatures > 30 °C, the load rating reduction must be observed. Standard ball transfer units by SMG consist of a POM housing, a ball out of POM or AISI 316, as well as of support balls (section Materials ).

The arrangement and load of the ball transfer unit are decisive in the application.
For articles with a uniform, smooth undersurface the distance between the ball transfer units "a" is calculated by dividing the smallest edge length by 3.

Example: Undersurface of the conveyed article = 300 x 800 mm
Distance between the ball transfer units a = 300 mm/3 = 100 mm

To determine the load for a ball transfer unit the weight of the conveyed article is divided by the number of the loaded ball transfer units or at least by 9.

Example: Weight forces = 500 N; Ball transfer unit load (F)
F = 500/9 ≈ 56N per ball transfer unit

Conveying velocity: Vmax. = 1m/sec.

Ball transfer units can be manufdactured customer-specifically. The technical depend on the selection of the materials.

Ball transfer units by SMG can be made with drain outlet by request. The advantage of an drain outlet is that liquids can phase out of the bearing. Furthermore ball transfer units can be easily cleaned by scouring out the liquids with water and cleanser.



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