Dimensions and tolerance

Fit recommendations
The fit of shaft and housing mainly influence the operating play and therefore the running characteristics. Therefore, we recommend a tight fit with a covering-over of around 20 µm either for the shaft or for the housing and a loose fit for the other connection side. A tight fit on both sides must be avoided as this would reduce the service life as the bearing clearance would be too small.

Bearing clearance
The radial bearing clearance depends on the bore diameter and material.

Due to their properties, plastics tend to dimensional changes. The expansion/shrinkage of the plastic during temperature changes, as well as the percentage of water absorption are factors leading to dimensional changes. In the machining production of ball bearing races, stresses in the semi-finished product must also be taken into account. Mechanical machining of plastic rods relieves stresses that can lead to the expansion/ shrinkage of the ball bearing races.
Our plastic bearings are designed in accordance with standard DIN ISO 2768 m.
In addition, we use tolerance tables that are based on many years of experience.

Informations about the bearing clearance and tolerances are indicated on our offer drawings.


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